IELTS Speaking Part 3 Two-Way Discussion

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Two-Way Discussion

Speaking part 3 Overview Of The Part

This part lasts 4-5 minutes.

The examiner will ask you to discuss some abstract, non-personal questions.

Depending on your level of English and performance, you might be asked up to 7 questions on a variety of themes related to the same topic that you discussed in Part 2.

You are not required or expected to ask the examiner any questions.

Two-Way Discussion Strategies

Use key phrases to introduce your opinion and connecting words to link ideas.

Express your opinions with confidence and justify them with relevant examples.

Speak at length, but stay on topic.

Speaking Part 3 Getting ready

It does not matter if you agree or disagree. But whichever side you choose, you must be sure to use examples to illustrate and support your opinion.
Remember that agreeing or disagreeing is not simply a matter of picking one side. You also need to be ready to express the degree to which you agree or disagree.

STRONGLY AGREE — You are exactly right./ That’s absolutely correct.
SOMEWHAT AGREE — I agree up to a point./ I would generally agree, but…
NEITHER AGREE NOR DISAGREE — I can see both sides./ It depends on the situation.
SOMEWHAT DISAGREE — In most cases, no./ Sometimes, perhaps, but I would say…
STRONGLY DISAGREE — I don’t agree at all./ No, that is never the case.

Speaking part 3 Two-Way Discussion Sample task

Look at the following list of questions. For each question, say whether you agree or disagree and explain why. Record yourself. Try to say 4-5 sentences for each response.

1. Would you agree that young people should read more books?
2. Would you agree that everyone should learn a foreign language?
3. Would you agree that a university education should be free for everyone?
4. Would you agree that people shouldn’t smoke?
5. Would you agree that health care should be free for everyone?

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