Bài Test đầu vào TOEIC

Welcome to your Bài Test đầu vào TOEIC

Reading Test

Time limit: 35 minutes

In this section, you must demonstrate your ability to read and comprehend English. You will be given a variety of texts and asked to answer questions about these texts. This section is divided into three parts and will take 35 minutes to complete.

Questions 21-23 refer to the following advertisement.

Happy Pharmacy Valued Customer Day

We are pleased to announce that Happy Pharmacy will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next
week. We recognize that our success is largely due to the strong support we receive from customers like you. In appreciation, we would like to invite you ............... in our Valued
Customer Day on.

April 26.

Visit any of our convenient locations and you will be treated to refreshments, as
well as a 15 percent discount on all purchases over $20.00, In addition, you will get the chance
to meet local health practitioners, try out new products, and enter your name to win a two
months' worth of vitamins courtesy of Happy Pharmacy. We hope that you will take advantage
of this great opportunity to save money and get to know the health services in your area. We
hope to ............... offer

more events like this in the future. A flyer with our store addresses_____________for your information.


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