Bài IELTS Speaking Mẫu – Women’s Day 8-3 Part 3

Đây là bài cuối cùng trong series Bài IELTS Speaking Mẫu về ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ 8/3. Chúng ta hãy cùng xem qua những gợi ý cho Part 3 nhé.

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Topic: Gender Roles

IELTS Speaking - Women Day Part 3

Question 1: To what extent has the traditional female role changed in the last 20 years?

Sample answer

From my personal perspective, the most significant change is that, the role of homemakers is no longer of women, and that of breadwinner belong to men no more. In other words, even though prejudices and stereotypes about gender roles still exist, the ladies are now free to explore and develop themselves at will. For instance, they can be doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs, which used to be exclusively for men.


– homemaker (danh từ) nội trợ
– breadwinner (danh từ) người kiếm tiền
– prejudice (danh từ) định kiến
– stereotype (danh từ) ấn tượng rập khuôn

IELTS Speaking - Women Day Part 3-Question-1

Question 2: In your country are the responsibilities of a mother the same as the responsibilities of a father to their families

Sample answer

As I mentioned, the outdated beliefs are still there in some cases. It means that the old Asian traditions still put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of wives and mothers. For example, they have to bear the burden of taking care of children and doing housework without any help. In some circumstances, a mother is also the breadwinner of the family, which is heart-breaking. In my opinion, the responsibilities of a mother outweigh those of a father.


– outdated (tính từ) lỗi thời
– Bear the burden: chịu gánh nặng
– heart-breaking (tính từ) đau lòng

IELTS Speaking - Women Day Part 3-Question-2

Question 3: Are men and women equal in ability and intelligence?

Sample answer

Frankly speaking, yes, but only relatively. I say so because it’s only true for the case of intelligence because it has nothing to do with genders. A smart boy and a smart girl are all the same. But for the other aspects, there is a whole different story. For example, in terms of raw physical strength, males are genetically superior compared to females. Similarly, women’s abilities to do tasks requiring delicacy remarkably exceed those of men.


– genetically (trạng từ) về mặt di truyền
– superior (tính từ) tốt hơn
– delicacy (danh từ) sự tỉ mỉ
– exceed (động từ) vượt qua

IELTS Speaking - Women Day Part 3-Question-3

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