Bài IELTS Speaking mẫu Women’s Day 8-3 Part 2

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Topic: Ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ.- Women’s Day

IELTS Speaking - Women Day Part 2

Question: Describe a female leader you would like to meet

You should say:

Who she is

What she does

What she is like

And explain why you would like to meet her

Sample answer

We are living in the world which is led by an increasing number of female leaders. Still, the individual I want to talk about is Angela Merkel, who is currently the Chancellor of Germany.

As I mentioned, she is the current Chancellor, or Prime Minister of Germany. Also, she is known as the leader of the European Union and described as the world’s most powerful woman. Personally, I am fascinated by the fact that she is called “The Woman of Steel”.

Furthermore, she is an impactful politician who has huge influences on the international political, economic and environmental issues. Interestingly, not many people know that she initially started her career as a trained physicist before stepping into the field of politics. More importantly, she even earned herself a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in 1986.

Angela Merkel is a senior lady with sophisticated attributes. She is often depicted as an intelligent, determined and strong-willed individual whose leadership is rarely questioned. I don’t say that she is always right, for her decisions sometimes raise controversies and disputes. However, no one can deny her contribution to the European development in particular and the international growth in general.

The reason I want to meet her, in fact, has nothing to do with her biological gender. I simply admire her accomplishments and influences. Lady Merkel is so iconic and popular that every single activity of hers is on the daily news.

Well, that’s all I want to say.


– impactful (tính từ) có ảnh hưởng
– politics (danh từ) chính trị
– politician (danh từ) chính trị gia
– physicist (danh từ) nhà vật lí học
– Doctor of Philosophy Degree: bằng tiến sĩ
– sophisticated (tính từ) phức tạp
– attribute (danh từ) phẩm chất
– intelligent (tính từ) thông minh
– determined (tính từ) quyết tâm
– strong-willed (tính từ) cứng cỏi
– controversy (danh từ) ý kiến trái chiều
– dispute (danh từ) tranh luận
– iconic (tính từ) mang tính biểu tượng

IELTS Speaking - Women Day Part 2-Vocabulary

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