Bài IELTS Speaking mẫu – Chủ đề Holiday / Festival / Celebration / New Year Part 3

Trong chuyên mục ngày hôm nay, thầy cô xin gửi đến các bạn bộ câu hỏi và câu trả lời mẫu cho IELTS Speaking – Part 3

Chủ đề: Holiday / Festival / Celebration / New Year

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Question 1: Do you think celebrating festivals is important in preserving a country’s culture ?

IELTS SPEAKING-Holiday-Festival-Celebration-New Year Part 3 Q1

Sample answer:

My answer is a big “Yes”. The reason is that, in my opinion, hosting special occasions is an exciting and efficient way for youngsters to learn about their culture. For example, by celebrating the Tet Holiday, we can vividly teach children about the traditional values like respecting ancestors through the act of preparing the feasts and praying for the best. In this way, it will be much more authentic than making them learn from the books.


– custom (danh từ) phong tục
– authentic (tính từ) thực tế, chân thực

Question 2: What’s the difference between celebrations now and those in the past ?

IELTS SPEAKING-Holiday-Festival-Celebration-New Year Part 3 Q2

Sample answer

One big distinction is that, in the past, there were more traditional values, and now, many have been forgotten. For example, Tet was traditionally thought be a time for reuniting with long-apart next of kin. Still, at the modern time, a number of people even consider it as only an event to relax or travel abroad. Additionally, in the past, there weren’t as many celebrations as there are nowadays. We have now accepted more foreign traditions, like Valentine, Halloween and Christmas, as a result of internationalization and globalization.


– long-apart: lâu ngày xa cách
– next of kin: họ hàng
– internationalization (danh từ) quốc tế hóa
– globalization (danh từ) toàn cầu hóa

Question 3: Do you think some new western celebrations are replacing traditional ones in your country ?

Sample answer

This question is quite tricky, but I don’t agree with it. Inarguably, some traditional values may have been forgotten, but the cores are still the same as long as we have the intention to preserve them. Also, selectively adopting foreign holidays only means that our culture is becoming richer and richer. Having more celebrations is having more chances to spend time and create more memories together.


– tricky (tính từ) lắt léo, khó nhằn
– preserve (động từ) bảo tồn
– core (danh từ) điều cốt lõi
– selectively (trạng từ) một cách có chọn lọc

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