Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Chủ đề Tet Holiday

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Chủ đề Tet Holiday

Đề bài: Describe a national festival in your country.

When it takes place;

Why it takes place;

What the people do during this festival and explain why this festival is important to you.

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking:

Tet is definitely the most crucial national festival of Vietnam. It is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in our country. This is the occasion that people celebrate with great joy, hope, festivity and different cultural and other programs.

Tet is the time when the Lunar calendar year begins which usually falls between mid January to mid February.

People start the arrangements to celebrate this festival about one month prior to Tet which includes cooking traditional foods, cleaning their house and buying new furniture, etc.

On the Lunar New Year’s Eve, people gather together, makes prayers and stay awake till late night to wait for the countdown.
During Tet, there are several customs that make Tet a unique festival. For instance, adults tend to give lucky money to children, visit friend and relatives’ houses, play cards, and go to churches, temples or pagodas to pray for their family.

This is an important festival to us. Vietnamese take this day as an important festival day. In our tradition, we start the year with the hope of eliminating the bitterness and failure of the past year and start a fresh year with the hope of fortune and happiness. Furthermore, this is the time for families and relatives to stay together under the same roof for rekindling love and bonding.

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