English Idioms for Sickness + Sickness Vocabulary

idioms vabulary for sickness

When you have a cold, the flu or a virus you more often give the following symptoms:
· I have aches and pains
· My throat is sore
· I have a stuffy nose
· My nose is blocked
· I have a headache
· I have a high temperature
· I feel hot
· I have a fever

I feel a little off colour today.
This usually means you are not quite sure what you have (what your illness is) but you do not feel yourself (feel generally unwell).

I feel unwell, I am ill, I feel bad, I don’t feel well – are all well used phrases.

Some people are not really sick but feel like they need an extra days rest so they “pretend” (tell a little white lie) they are sick and we refer to this in English as pulling a sickie.

Other English idioms about Sickness
· As sick as a dog – I am very sick
· I am at deaths door – really very unwell
· As sick as a parrot – usually means to be very annoyed or angry
· I am sick to death of – I am really tired of something

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