Bài IELTS Speaking mẫu – Chủ Đề Family Part 3

IELTS Speaking về chủ đề Family Phần 3

IELTS Speaking mau – Family Part 3

Question 1: In what ways have families in your country changed in recent?

Sample answer

I would say that there are two major shifts in today’s families in Vietnam. Firstly, the tradition extended family model is gradually replaced by the nuclear family version. Instead of living with many generations under one roof, people have decided to build smaller homes with only parents and their children. In addition, typical gender roles encounter some relatively positive changes. For example, there is a certain number of men who become stay-at-home dads, and their wives can take up the job of breadwinners.


– extended family (danh từ) đại gia đình
– nuclear family (danh từ) gia đình hạt nhân
– under one roof: chung một nhà
– stay-at-home dad (danh từ) cha ở nhà làm nội trợ
– breadwinner (danh từ) trụ cột gia đình

Question 2: Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family? Why (not)?

Sample answer

Yes, there should be appropriate allocation between spouses. However, who doing what is not the point here. It is mutual understanding and respect that really matters. Husbands and wives should cooperate to build a better home, for an individual’s health, time and stamina is apparently limited, so no one can really cover every single task.


– allocation (danh từ) sự phân công
– spouse (danh từ) vợ / chồng

Question 3: Which are more important to you: your family or your friends?

Sample answer

This can be a tricky question because I always say that nothing can outweigh my family. On the other hand, why should there be a distinction between friends and family, while one can be both? I can confess my secrets and struggles to my family member like friends; similarly, my best buddies and I can help each other like family. In other words, to me, they are all equally essential.


– outweigh (động từ) quan trọng hơn
– distinction (danh từ) sự khác biệt

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