IELTS Listening Part 1: Form Completion

IELTS Listening Part 1 Form Completion

Form Completion Listening Strategies

Step 1: Check how many words or numbers you can include in each answer.

Step 2: Predict what sort of information you will need for each answer.

Step 3: Carefully check the order of the answers. Sometimes with a table the order may be horizontal.

IELTS Listening Form Completion Stategies 1-2
IELTS Listening Form Completion Stategies 3

Form Completion How To Recognize

  • The instructions will ask you to ‘Complete the form below’.
  • This could include boxes or look like an official document.
  • There will be some information filled in.
  • You can use this information to help you follow the text as you are listening.

IELTS Listening Form Completion How to Recognize

IELTS Listening part 1 – Form Completion Sample task

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